SigmaNine to review every game uploaded

SigmaNine has just announced that they will be reviewing every game uploaded to their site by their review staff. You don't get that on YoYo Games!
Positions for these roles will be opening up soon and taking up one of these roles will offer additional perks.
Head on over to SigmaNine and upload your game!

Ben (the Owner) is also working on a number of games that will utilize the site for medals and online high scores. They will open up the possibility of more games using the website connectivity. Looks like SigmaNine is stepping up.

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  1. this is something yoyo games should do. have a review team and review every game uploaded XD tho there are some pretty bad games uploaded at yyg

  2. This is a great idea on SigmaNine's part. I hope they keep going this way - this could make them a very valuable GM site for publicity.

  3. @Brian:
    What a moronic suggestion. YYG has 30-40 games uploaded each day. And you want their staff to play and review each one?

    ...stupid waste of time.

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