GAME MAKER GEEK will no longer be a series of 3 books, it's going to be a bit more than that. We've decided to release the some of the following books this year (1, 2 and 7):

1. First Steps
...Teaches you how to make your first game and use Drag and Drop.
2. Game Maker Language
...Teaches you the basics of GML.
3. 3-Dimensions
...Teaches you how to use 3D in Game Maker.
4. Online
...Will teach how to use the internet in your game. From loading web pages in Game Maker to things like MMORPG's.
5. Artificial Intelligence
...Teaches advanced AI creations
6. Physics and Mathematics
...Advanced Physics and Mathematics
7. Resource Creation
...Shows you how to make all the resources for your games. From spriting to composing.
8. Distribution
sssA guide of DO's and DON't when distributing games. Also a guide on HOW. Even covers selling games.

Each of these books are actually chapters. Each chapter varies in length. Some chapters may only be 20 pages, while others may be hundreds. More chapters may be added on to the end later on. We will be releasing each of these chapters individually. And when we're done, we're going to discontinue distribution of individual chapters and combine all of the chapters into 1 book which will be called GAME MAKER GEEK.

Why is GMIndie releasing each chapter individually?
Although it may seem like a strange thing to do (releasing individually), but actually its a great way for people to keep up on our progress as well as helping people NOW instead of later. People tend to like things in small pieces anyway.

You're probably thinking to yourself "Why bother? What a waste of time!!". Well you're wrong. We're about to do something nobody has done before. We're about to write a Game Maker book that has everything the others have AND more and give it away for absolutely free!

Who's writing this book?
Over 100 people are helping write this book! Here are some of the people who are currently helping write chapter 1 & 2: Brian Fetcher, Jonathan Martin, Frederick Watson, Russell Kay, Landon Podbielski, Kris Little, Sandy Duncan, Vlad Chekhov, Kevin Young, Zack Banack, Cole Marlar, Christopher Kerl, Trevor Swope, Rhys Andrews, Dan Fornace, Eugene Perry AND MANY MORE.

What is the current progress?
The book is approx 12% complete.

Do you want to help out?
We could use as much help as is available. We already have the first and second chapters nearly completed. This means that if you want to help, you're going to have to volunteer to help write books that are a bit more complicated than the first two. If you aren't an advanced user, forget it. We need the BEST of the BEST. If you think you've got what it takes, email me at and we'll work something out. We want to make this amazing book. So pitch in. We could use the help.

Will the book be published?
We do plan on publishing the book when it is completed. We will be selling copies to try to get back some of the money we're spending to get it published. We're spending well over $1,000 to get the book proofread and edited by professionals from the publishing company as well as the costs for publishing more than 100 copies. Where are we getting our funds to pay for this? Some friends of my Dads are pitching in. But here's the catch. I have to pay them back. So I have to sell the published copies to try to raise the money back. I'm going to need to sell one heck of a lot of copies to do that. For now, until it is published, the book will be in eBook form.

Old screenshots from First Steps (Outdated, but close)
The video we released a few weeks ago is outdated. The layout has since changed.

Come on over and help us achieve greatness! We want to help provide advanced material for free for Game Maker users everywhere. Your work will be 100% voluntary. We cannot effort to pay our writers. Sorry. We're spending too much money getting it published.

If you know a friend of yours that doesn't know Game Maker. Send them over our way to be guinea pigs to test our material.

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  1. Oh my! O_O I'm very impressed. Glad to see my work isn't going to waste.

  2. lol ya its a huge project. i just hope we can give the game maker users what they need. a free game maker book that has everything in it! cuz the economy is bad and most of teh gm users are kids who cannot effort to buy a book =P

  3. 100+ people plus professional editing? You ain't just whistling Dixie here. Good cooperation. The final product's going to look SWEET. Looking forward to this. ^_^

  4. ya. i think the actual book is gonna look better than the ebook tho XD just cuz it'll look cool on paper

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