GMIndie Radio to return early

GMIndie Radio is going to return the first Saturday of June. Join Brian Fetcher June 5th at 7am PST. GMIndie Radio will review a few games, talk about the latest Game Maker news & chat a little about current Game Maker/Community issues. Callers are allowed and encouraged to call in during the live broadcast. To call in, add GMIndie to your skype contacts (gmindie) and instant message us saying you would like to join in on the discussion.

Here are some changes you should be aware of:
Different show topics
Different arrangement of music / different music
Every 2 weeks instead of every week
New time: 7am PST (2PM UK time)

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  1. the co hosts are going to try to have to get used to this. its going to be more deep conversations instead of merely skipping through the show topics quickly like the old radio show =)

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