YYG Comp 06 Summer Competition

YoYo Games just announced their 6th competition (which is the second competition this year ...Sort of). Why it's only been a few days since he announced the winners of Competition 05! Supposedly this competition is to celebrate that the YoYo Games office is moving to Dundee. The theme is “Discovery”. You can do anything around that theme from sailing ships and map making to mad professors, so put your thinking caps on for this one and "let the creative juices flow" as Russell puts it.

The competition rules are as follows:

1. Game Maker 7 or 8 only
2. Fixed screen size 480×272… no bigger… no smaller
3. Game must start in a window, though a full screen option is allowed (menu/option item only, no key shortcuts) – full screen size is limited to 480×272
4. Final EXE must be no bigger than 8Mb
5. EXE only no ZIP files
6. No DLL’s or other extension packages can be used.
7. No installation packages
8. No use of the registry
9. Game controls that can be used are UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT – for movement, SPACE, Z, X, C – as action keys and P for Pause.
10. All games must be tagged with Competition06, anything tagges incorrectly will not be considered.
11. 2D or 3D can be used but it must be standard Game Maker features, remember no extensions.
12. Contest finishes August 31st 2010 at Midnight GMT

* First Prize – $1,000
* Second Prize – $500
* Third Prize – $250
To be paid by PayPal.

Russell Says
Discovery is a wide theme. Here are some thoughts to get you started. Clearly you can make some hidden object game. You can make a game in which you must explore the oceans, space, a city, or any other environment to discover riches, people, ancient knowledge, or anything else. You can collect skulls of enemies you kill (and try to discover all skulls that exist). Your game might challenge players to discover the safe paths through hazardous areas. You can discover who are your friends and enemies. Or you might want to discover the true meaning of life (or death or god or something else).
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  1. so soon!!! so awesome!!! =3

  2. Wow, that's so soon. I wish YYG made a competition that would be most likely an exploration game. :\ I want some quick action theme competition.

  3. aw.. i wanted him to make us make a game about INVASION. like aliens invade your planet or some shit and its gotta be a platformer. i woulda loves that =3

  4. I'm actually entering this one... even though the PSP limitations are killing me...

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