Spotlight finally finished

As you saw a few days ago, the spotlight has been under construction for a few days.

Brian and Sandy had discussed in GMIndie Podcast II that there weren't enough games in the spotlight. YYG did as suggested by Brian and the spotlight now contains 7 pages of slide. That's 14 games!

It features

1. switch created by bjr95
2. They Need To Be Fed created by 2Dcube
3. Eye Attack2 created by shroomz120
4. Ninjammin Beat-jitsu created by LiamBarden
5. Nimbus Sky Princess created by SwordsaintKyo
6. Attack of the Ooze created by bgogol
7. Pixelry 1 created by EvelendGames
8. Ninja Penguin created by Blue Penguin
9. Zoo Escape 3D created by sakisa
10. Cookie Dreamin Pogostix created by rizza
11. Flash Five created by GraniteGear
12. Blue created by TheGreatTheseus
13. I Gun Zombies created by titusthreex
14. Awesome Getaway created by Firano

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  1. It's about time.
    PS: I was in that interview. :P

  2. um. yes. but it was me and sandy who were talking bout that part XD

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