GMIndie Podcast II

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Join Brian Fetcher (Host), Christopher, Sandy Duncan, Landon Podbielski and Kolink in a deep Game Maker and YoYo Games discussion. The podcast was recorded over a period of 2 hours.

Length: 00:54:35 (0 Hour / 54 Minutes / 35 Seconds)

"This changed the way I look at YoYo Games" - Brian Fetcher

"GMIndie Podcast 2 with Sandy Duncan is the most significant GM media ever released" - NakedPaulToast

"It really changed what I thought about Sandy, and it was really insightful to the future of GM" - Pinpickle

"It's amazing. A must hear" - Michael

"Dude, that was INSPIRATIONAL!" - Kevin

Topics of discussion
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1. Game Maker's poor 3D Support
originally, Game Maker didn't support 3D. But now that it does, will YYG plan to improve it?

2. Game Maker's interface
we got a new icon. perhaps it's time for a new interface? If so, what would it look like?

3. Dropping the Game Maker runner?
will game maker ever compile games instead of using an interpreter?

4. Game Maker compatibility
a). Both versions of game maker being able to export for both versions. Both PC and Mac.
b). There is a game maker version that exports to PSP. Will the mac version do it too?

5. Game Maker on other platforms
a). Game Maker for the IPhone (OS4)
b). Game Maker for Nintendo (DSi)

A little more about YYG / Future plans (*Special*)

1. Step up YYG Podcast & Top rated tab (on the PLAY page) should take into account vote count as well as rating.
a). Trash filter & Top rated tab (on the PLAY page) should take into account vote count as well as rating.
b). Putting game titles in tags as default
c). YYG homepage genre windows
should they be in order according to popularity?
d). YYG Spotlight slide
perhaps showing more than 8 games?

2. YoYo games reviewers - good games should be reviewed by the site (volunteers)

3. Multiple Accounts on YYG.
a). Why not 1 account going to the whole YYG community?
b). Why does the site time out and the forums not time you out?

*Credits / Announcement about a future podcast / Disclaimer*

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Sorry, no funny take-out's this time. Maybe next time ;)

GMIndie Podcast III coming soon.
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  1. we had lots of fun recording this broadcast. it was an honor doing this with sandy. he's a great guy with great ideas. i hope yyg lives on forever ;)

  2. oh my god! how did you get sandy to be in there? thats awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. um. we asked him? O.o

    lol glad you liked it. our point was to produce some quality game maker media =3

  4. Landon Podbielski
    April 30, 2010 at 6:45 PM

    If Sandy is reading this, I want to thank him for giving us this opportunity. The podcast was a lot of fun, and being able to talk to someone so involved in something I've been following for 10 years really makes everything worth while.

  5. you probably learned something new about game maker eh? XD i know i did. =3

  6. Wow, I like this. Goes into such great detail with future plans... O_O Great job on the podcast.

  7. To GMIndie: Wow! Great Podcast

    To Sandy: Wish I could of made it. I had school :( Nice job on the podcast and its an amazing opportunity for those who were able to attend!

    GMIndie Bret (also the Gazette manager...)

  8. Is there a written version ? I am very interested in it, but like many non-english-speaking people, I can only read and write english, I don't understand when I hear it... :(

  9. I like the idea of podcast. Amazing work.

  10. penny, are you back? =P

    hey who deleted my comment?

  11. @Anonymous um, philip gamble made a summary for that. it lists some of the stuff that was discussed in there. its obvious that he listened to the whole thing =P

  12. Thanks.
    I did not understand the part about outsourcing the website development, do they start doing it or stop doing it ?
    So they do not have any plan to improve Instant Play into a web pluggin ? Since they will work on making Instant Play work with other browsers, maybe it could give rise to remaking Instant Play from the bottom. I mean it would be so great to have the GM-interpreter as a webbrowser pluggin that we could use on our websites, to have it interpret our games just like flashplayer does with swf files, instead of just making an exe automaticaly download and launch itself... And this way the firewalls would stop boring us each time games want to send highscores to the website and so on, like they do with exes...
    Though I understand it would probably be a lot of work, I see some other engines are going this way, because so much people prefer playing little games directly in their browsers. Torque is now making one. Multimedia Fusion now let you buy an "export to flash" module. ExpressGM, Playbits and Popfly, can export to Silverlight... But us GM users still miss it. :(
    Please ask next time.

  13. will do cuz that is a very good question. =)

    if you have any suggestions for future features in game maker, post them in a reply to CLICK HERE. Russell and Mike from YYG staff will look through them.

  14. This was a great interview, I am very happy to hear about the app store idea.

  15. yeah me too. the app store sounds freaking awesome! =3

  16. Thank you so much for this podcast!
    it has cleared up so manny problems and "complaining" thoughts for me. If and when you redo the homepage, keep evrything, and add new stuff, but make the entire page customizable.

    Builder K,

  17. you're welcome.

    btw. post your questions here.

  18. I would rather see better networking support. Lets face it when it comes to making 2D games, the closest competitor to Game Maker is Flash and XNA.

  19. I agree =3

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