GMIndie Radio on hold

GMIndie's GMIndie Radio is on hold until the release of GMIndie's first eBook (GAME MAKER GEEK: First Steps) in July.

When the radio show returns, it'll have a few new co hosts, completely new show topics, and even monthly "Win Game Maker 8 Pro" competitions. Be watching for GMIndie Radio to return in 2 months (Broadcast 32).

-- Brian

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  1. dont worry tho. we'll be back.

  2. :( When did this happen?

  3. Now our competition is gone for 2 months.... lol

  4. hahahahhahahahaaa.. uhh what?

  5. Two months?! Whoa! Gives me a break, then. :P

    But still, dang. That's a long gap.

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