GMAG launches

A new Game Maker magazine has launched. It's called GMAG. The green themed magazine features a game review Sas 2 [beta] demo v1.0, articles Game Maker on the PSP, best source of GM news, Review: Grid Defender 2 and information about an Issue 2 being released on May 15th!

There was in incorrect statement about Game Maker Gazette in the magazine. The author claims Game Maker Gazette "provides its opinions on the news". That's not true. We provide our opinions in the replies. Not the news. Last month, we banned opinions from the blog articles.

Download GMAG Issue 1 (PDF)

About Game Maker Gazette

Gazette is a blog focusing on Game Maker related content like product news, YoYo Games news, Game Maker media, gossip, competitions and more.


  1. wow another magazine? looks cool. =)

  2. wait he said that most of the articles on here are about GMIndie ROFL there are hundreds of articles on this blog. barely any are about GMIndie =3 did he even bother to read the blog before writing about it?

  3. Yes actually I regularly visit this site. I didn't say all articles were GMIndie related, I just said the articles that you post before GMB are GMIndie related. It may not be 100% accurate, but it was by no means an insult, and hey it's just my opinion. =P

    I hope you liked the rest of the content in there. =D

  4. ya actually i did. it was very nice =)

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