GMIndie Magazine Issue 9

This is the last issue of GMIndie Magazine that will be monthly. The magazine will be weekly and will contain only 6 pages of content. We're switching back to our 'Mini Magazine' size. Not too long. Just short enough to enjoy. And, we're getting a new layout, thanks to our designer.

GMIndie Magazine Issue 9 features an introduction page with me ranting on about who knows what, Flying Scrap review, Wuka World review, Siege Wars review, Tetrex review, What Makes a good game article, and Multiplayer part 2, the continuation to the first part.

About the first page: I don't like people comparing magazines to each other. Why can't a Game Maker magazine be unique, one of a kind? Why do you always have to go and compare? Hope you enjoy the content.

Live Long And Prosper, Dudes!

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  1. just so you know, issue 9 was released days ago =P we just never announced it cuz i was waiting on philip

  2. Excited about the new mini ones :D
    Also, Nice issue xD

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