Competition 05 results

YoYo Games has announced the winners to their fifth competition which included prizes of $1000, $500 and $250. The theme was to make the game as if it were on a portable device, like the GBA. You were only allowed to use the Arrow Keys, and the SpaceBar. No DLLs were allowed, and you were to stay within the 10mb restriction.

Russell says
we wish to thank everyone for the hard work and dedication shown. ...Here is the final selection...
1st Place [$1000] : They Need To Be Fed by 2D Cube

We all agreed that the gameplay, presentation and attention to detail were spot on and 2Dcube deserved the top spot.

2nd Place [$500]: Ninjammin Beat-jitsu by LiamBarden

A magic mix of platform, beat-em-up and a music game, we all loved the gameplay, presentation and attitude in this game.

3rd Place [$250] : Nimbus Sky Princess by SwordsaintKyo

A smaller screen than expected but still lovely graphics and gameplay here, we loved the art style here.

Runners-Up (in no particular order)

Of coarse there were many other entries in Competition 05, but not all of them can be listed in a single post.

Congratulations to 2D Cube, LiamBarden and SwordsaintKyo. You guys did an excellent job on your games.

Competition 06: Coming soon
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  1. wow everyone I know was way off about the top 5. lol weird cuz i woulda chosen 2 and 3, not 1. at least i was close tho XD

  2. wait nvm i would choose 1

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