GMTalk 3

Andrew McCluskey, Jack Brockley, Joshua Pedroza, Greyson Wright and Philip Gamble joined together in a podcast called GMTalk. This is their third podcast.

First, they discussed the Fifth competition results, followed by: They Need to be Fed Review by Andrew, Blackfoot, NTP 4, RC Aerobatics, Cowboykilla, IndieGames, ByteJacker, Wootman Zero, Entries into competition 6 so far (page appears to have been fixed! - though it was never broken), Issues regarding Game Maker games on iPod, Process of getting Game Maker games on to PSP, Overbyte Magazine Issue 3, Overbyte Magazine website, GMAG Issue 2, Grabeorama website, GMIndie magazine issue 9, Game Maker’s Companion by Jacob Habgood, The not so good book, Mike Dailly’s blog and Call of Duty 6 Game Maker (?).

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  1. this is like the first time ive seen game maker blog fail hard. i listened to teh parts about gmindie and the rest of coarse.

    this is my response


    where the hell are they getting their information? XD

    See children, this is why they invented checking your sources.

  2. Brian, I'm not overall impressed with either of you. You both jump to conclusions about each other... I'm surprised either of you get readers.

    Countries can get mislead by reading news. The media tends to lie or not check their sources as you mentioned. O_O That's life.

  3. O.o how was I jumping to conclusions?

  4. cool podcast

  5. O.o use yur usernames

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