Nikc-Nack's magazine issue 2

Nikc-Nack's magazine is back with its second issue. Issue 2 contains a review of Easy Animation Maker, the announcement of YoYo Games's competition 06, Dark Shadow Entertainment review, Drag-able borders tutorial (not included on the contents page for some reason), Untitled plat-former review and the magazine's closing notes.

Download Issue 2 of Nikc-Nack's magazine

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  1. i think the design is better than the last issue. thats the only mistake i found. you missed one of the articles in the table of contents XD

  2. wow this issue sucked. seriously the first issue was horrible and this was worse omfg my eyes are bleeding. the magazine was way too short (like your p*****) and it was full of errors and it sucked. i never want to see something as stupid as this again. if you dont make issue 3 amazing, i've had enough of your shit. make something good of get the hell off of the internet!!

  3. Stop being a homo...

    Anyway, this was by far better than the last one. Nice Nikc Nack


  4. you do know you can post with your username, right? just select "Name/URL" instead of anonymous =3

  5. Yeah but then its kl1productions ;p

  6. no. you used (Google Account) or Open ID. Use "Name/URL". it's right above Anonymous. but only use it if you're like no logged in to your google account

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