New Game Maker for PSP video

So, YoYo Games finally got their devkit late last week. They've been busily working to port the current code base over to it. Here's the new video featuring Pixelry. They're slowly upgrading their runner to run both Game Maker 7 and Game Maker 8 games on there. Don't know why they need Game Maker 7 games to run on there, but hey, it'll make someone happy.

Oh, and they created a Facebook page for YoYo Games. About time! I think just about everyone else has a Facebook page for their organization.

Mike Says
We also hope to have some news soon about some future developments and what you can expect not just from longer term developments such as GameMaker9, but also cool new features and tools for GameMaker8 which we’ll then support cross-platform as well, so stay tuned.
You will also most likely be seeing information about Game Maker 9 in Game Maker's Digest before it gets on the Glog.
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  1. looks good so far =D

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