Game Maker for Mac Final R/C

YoYo Games has released the final Game Maker for Mac R/C (right on time - as they promised).

They are pretty sure the coding is finished. They're just going to gather some final bug reports.

"In this version we now have a “Trial” version that allows the user 10 hours of accumulated use (so you can use Game Maker for Mac as many time as you like, over as long a period you like for a total accumulated time of 10 hours) before you have to buy the Full version. The license keys will be live for the period of the trial, then deactivated once the trial is complete." - Russell Kay

They've added:
1. Update mechanism keeping Game Maker for Mac up to date.
2. YoYo Games proprietary distribution technology.
3. Now packaged as a DMG
4. Trial version with 10 hours of accumulated use to try before you buy.
5. Removed the Beta time out period.
6. Removed all the Beta dialogs.
7. Fixed lots of bugs…
8. Improved compatibility with PC and Mac

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  1. Looking good! Can't wait for the actual release.

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