In-person GM meeting in the UK

YoYo Games has decided to have a meeting in-person (face to face) with Game Maker users to show the progress of Game Maker, and I think to gather feedback as well. So far it looks like it will be held in England, UK (according to the votes on the Glog). Obviously the only people who could come are local people.
We’re still thinking about how this would work, but think every couple of months it would be nice to get a load of you together and just talk about the issues and wishes of real users. It obviously depends on how many are local to us, and who can make the (unpaid!) trip to where ever we decide to hold the meeting, but we are open to holding it in a more central location so more can attend.
-- Mike Dailly - YoYo Games, Ltd
You can learn more about this on the Glog. Also, go on the Glog and vote for a location where they'll be meeting folks.

For a more detailed scoop (including info that wasn't on the Glog), see this coming Saturdays GMD issue (which will be released this Saturday).

No date has been set, yet. We'll have updates for you if something else comes up.

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  1. To be fair, it's a good idea. Though a web cam meeting would probably have a larger audience.

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