Instant play for FF fixed

Thanks to Chris Krier, Mozilla Firefox can once again run Game Maker games on Instant Play! No more “install script not found – 204″ errors!

Mike says
t turns out that the plug-in was fine! But the ZIP program we use to automatically create the archive was adding a new YoYo “root” folder, which meant that the file install.rdf and the folders META-INF and plugins were not in the root directory. And because of this, Fire Fox couldn’t find the install script, and so refused to install it.
If you've manually copied the instant play DLL into your C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\plugins directory, you should now be able to delete it, and then install the plug-in as normal.

Don't forget to clear your private data and give the instant play a try!

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  1. Good. Now I can play ;)

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