NAL officially working for YYG

NAL (aka Andrew McCluskey), the YoYo Games member who we've all grown to love (famous for his very well programmed games) has officially been hired into the YoYo Games team. Andrew will be helping YoYo Games understand Game Maker better, and be helping developers with game optimizations.

Let's give NAL a warm welcome to the team.
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  1. Congratulations NAL! Welcome!

  2. congrats but old news

  3. I know. Why are you posting a reply to an old topic? XD

  4. fredrick jus posted it on gmejolt and i seen it

  5. Actually, it came up on GameJolt because Frederick's account it set to this blog's RSS. So whenever we edit a post, their feed picks it up. I don't know why their feed picks up edits lol That's why you seen it there. I was editing an image in the post.

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