New YoYo Games Office

YoYo Games has moved into their office in the University of Abertay, somewhere in Dundee. Their newest employee (Kirsty Scott) announced this on the YoYo Games Glog.

Kirsty introduced herself
I’m Kirsty and I’m now the Community Manager (double whoop) adding to the expanding YoYo team :) I’ve been working in and around the games industry as far back as 2001 and have worked with both Mike and Russell before in different games companies. I’m absolutely jazzed to be joining such a colossal community! I’m going to be holding the helm on the YoYo Games helpdesk here so be gentle with me ;) If you have any problems then go through the helpdesk in the usual way.

You can find lots of other pictures of the office on the Glog.

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  1. I have to say, the office looks good! I'm glad to see YoYo Games moving up in the world. Funny how they never really told us what floor the office is on... I guess they don't want people wandering in there are randomly visiting their office xD

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