Cactus on's 50 Best Websites 2010

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OUR VERY OWN FELLOW GAME MAKER COMMUNITY MEMBER Cactus has made it into the top 50 best websites of 2010 (slot #42 of all websites, and #2 of gaming websites) with his amazing website, Cactus Squid!

"The site's pink background and animated header give you a clue that it isn't a typical gaming site. Cactus Squid is the online repository for the games of Jonatan Soderstrom, creator of a wonderfully quirky (and utterly creative) series of free arcade-style games. Are they low-budget? Sure, but therein lies much of their charm. The must-download is Arcade 2.0, which groups together 18 of Soderstrom's games into one downloadable package." TIME (In Partnership with CNN) says.

Amazing job, Cactus. Congratulations!

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