KC LC Now Retired GMC Staff

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KC_LC HAS SUDDENLY RETIRED from the Game Maker Community administration position. Her account now appears listed under the Retired Staff group, after being inactive for a couple of weeks.

YoYo Games staff official, Mike Dailly says that she backed down for "personal reasons", and that she "might come back one day" but isn't able to do it just now. Sandy Duncan also says that it's "very personal". It looks as if that is why no official announcement was made.

A lot of speculating was going on at the Game Maker Community earlier, and hopefully this puts that to rest. Like Smarty (also GMC retired staff) said, "She signed off silently which means she didn't want to give it much attention. This suggests she has reasons she wishes to keep to herself, so I would kindly suggest everyone to stop speculating and respect that choice.". I agree. Though, I admit, I was speculating at first as well (about her 2 week disappearance, not her retirement). I thought she died or something, which would have been awful. It's great to see she's not dead.

She will be missed. Farewell for now, Kasey Apellido.

Sources: KC_LC Profile Page, Game Maker Community

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