Game Maker Hates Sandy Duncan

I THINK THAT GAME MAKER HATES SANDY DUNCAN because it refuses to work with him.

NOTE: This happened like WAY MORE than 10 times in a row. I closed Game Maker and re-opened it to test it again. I even went and tried this same thing with pictures of other people, and it didn't crash. I tried Sandy Duncan, and it crashed... I was only able to get Game Maker to NOT crash with Sandy Duncan once, and that was like attempt #30.

Here's what happened: I was creating 2 sprites so that I could change one's opacity and put it over Sandy for an article. It didn't want to co-operate. I eventually gave up and used PhotoShop to do the image.

Attempt #11 (in-a-row):
Sorry for the lag, HyperCam 2 doesn't like me today... =(

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  1. I don't know if it crashes with other Sandy images. Just this one:

  2. Word of the Day - Pwned

  3. GM isn't the only one....

    no just kidding!

  4. lol, Nikc-Nack...

  5. lol, In Soviet Russia Sandy Duncan Hates Game Maker.

  6. LOL. I think it's because you're using Vista. XD

    Joking aside, that's hilarious.

  7. How strange :)

  8. I know, right? =3

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