GMAG Issue 4

Image by Grabeorama

GRABEORAMA RELEASED GMAG ISSUE 4 which features three game reviews: Circle Speedster, Deadly Steps: Mission Clone 2, and Not-So-Massive Action Game. The magazine also features some Game Maker and community news: The Future of GMIndie, YYG Hackers, GM4Mac Now available, New GMag Site.

Did I mention that the magazine is now purple? I guess they decided the green was getting old. In my opinion, I liked the magazine in both green and purple. So it looks great to me! The magazine looks like it had some effort put into it, which is very good. I'm also pleased to see the GMAG team grow. This magazine has a great future ahead of it!

GMAG Issue 4 is available in PDF format, via Official GMAG site

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  1. Looks good. Can't wait for issue 5 ;)

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