Game Polisher Returns

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LAST NIGHT, I GOT A MESSAGE FROM GAME POLISHER MEDIA owner hd4life saying that he is starting his radio show back up. His show was on the air from late April to early June and then just disappeared. He had many computer problems, such as viruses, but he's now going to be back on the air September 4th!

Now, he also talked with me about starting a contest on the show. It's a simple send an email to with the "code" he says on the radio. Now, the winner gets to have my Game Development "company" Glitchy Games make a game for them. The winner gets to choose what type of game it will be, the story (if there is one), and just about every variable there is. Now this contest isn't directed at Game Makers, it's more directed to people who don't have time or don't know how to make a game. All you have to do is listen to Game Polisher Radio September 4th at noon (US Central Time), and listen to the directions. Directions will be given approximately 5 minutes after the show starts. If you need more info on it, check out my post about it on the CAG website:

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  1. I'm assuming they're using the same co-hosts. Is that correct?

  2. I heard Kris might be on the show now, and they haven't heard back from Vlad. Kolink isn't on the show, thats about all I know.

    Here's a chart:
    Original Co-Hosts:
    Kolink - Confirmed NO
    Vlad -MAYBE

    New Co-Hosts:
    Kris - Confirmed YES

  3. Oh, and they will still have guests. They are re-doing their website right now so I wasn't able to post a link unless you guys want to be sent to nothing-ness.

  4. ok

    so they decided not to go on the gmindie station that already has existing listeners?

  5. They have regular listeners already. including me :P

    Anyway, no, they choose not to, they don't want to be part of GMIndie at the moment, although they do want to become affiliated with you guys in the future.
    -Bretboy129 ~ Bret Hudson

  6. I wish them luck with that... GMIndie doesn't affiliate. They team up for projects, but no affiliations.

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