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TIME4DAN ANNOUNCED AN RTS COMPETITION which focuses on creating an RTS game for a $250 prize. Unlike most competitions, this competition actually produces plenty of information about it, and describes itself very well.

The competition will test all of your skills. So good luck!

The game focuses on the theory of evolution.
  • Must focus on human evolution from Ape to Stone-Age Man.
  • Must function as a Real Time Strategy, ie, units can be controlled to move, create buildings or gather resources.
  • In-Game Humans MUST produce by them-self, and not be "created" as is custom. If you wish to have a clubman, you must order a person to create a club, potentially order him to train in a barracks, and he will become a clubman.
  • 3D, of course, has a much better chance of becoming successful. However, as all entries must contain a high and low graphic mode, it is suggested that the low mode is in 2D.
  • Resources must NOT be stockpiled by default. Aim for realism. When a unit is orded to build a hut, they should lay some foundations, and begin to gather wood and bone and leather. However, some stockpiling can be researched in-game, by the player, such as the ability to stockpile food in a certain kind of building.
  • The following kinds of unit must be included: Clubman, Axeman, Spearman, Slingman, Raft, Battleship, Horseman, Archer, Swordman, Sampson (early form of siege, a man with a large log), Medic, and most importantly, Citizen (able to breed, become a unit, build, or gather materials).
  • The following kinds of re searchable technology must be included: Fire (leading to better food, longer life, etc), Stonework (leading to stone weapons, chisels, axe's, spears), Metalwork (leading to bronze swords, shields, some armor, arrowheads), Tension (leading to Bows), Shipfare (leading to Rafts and Battleships), Taming (leading to taming Dogs, riding Horses, etc), Stockpiling (leading to buildings that can stockpile resources), and Architecture (leading to stronger buildings, or collapsible buildings).
  • The resources used should be, at least, "Food", "Wood", "Bone", "Stone", "Metal", and "Cloth". For example, training a clubman would require 1 wood. Having a citizen exist costs 1 food every minute of game-play. A collapsible tent could take 2 wood, 3 bone, and 5 cloth.
  • Teams can level up independently! This is key. One team should be able to advance to the age of Bows and Arrows, while another team is lagging behind, still using basic wooden clubs.
  • Citizens must be populated by other citizens being in a dwelling (such as a house), and then trained into a certain kind of unit.
  • The game should function with, at most, 40 units on each team, so balance it for that.

Look at games like "Empire Earth" for examples of realism. For example: Always remember that knowledge is power. If someone knows how to do things better, they'll survive longer. The judging will be done publicly. The public is allowed to play and rate the games. The competition owner's votes will count as 5 people. In the end, the game with the highest rating wins.

The competition owner reserve the right to eliminate any game or member from the competition. Royalty from the game will be sent to be, and 60% will be forwarded to you. The right to the game will be entirely yours, however, the competition owner reserves the right to freely distribute the game to others (but any profit will count as royalty, and be sent to you.) The competition owner reserves the right to cancel or edit the website at any time (it is guaranteed for at least one year.) You may enter with a team, but the prize will be sent to one member, and it will be their responsibility to share it.

Rules Competition entries can be made in any language, but GM creations will be favored. The competition will end when 10 entries are considered complete, or by the end of November, whichever is later. The game must have low and high graphic modes. Low graphic mode should be designed to work on netbooks and small laptops. Teams are allowed.

Prizes The main prize is a 250 dollar (CDN) transfer. However, the game WILL be sold, and royalties will be divided as explained in the legal section. Your game will receive it's own .com domain and hosting, where it will be sold.

Entering If you want to enter, either add my MSN at time4dan@hotmail.com, send me an email at time4dan@gmail.com, or send me a facebook message at facebook.com/time4dan!

Source: GMC Competitions List

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