Saturday 28th Shows - GM Radio

THIS SATURDAYS GMINDIE RADIO SHOWS were as follows: GMIndie Radio (1:00:00), Nikc-Nack Show (0:30:00), Tailware Show (0:30:00), Sweet topics in game design (0:30:00), and IndieCast (0:30:00).

You can find download links by going to each show's official website. A link to those pages can be found on the GMIndie Radio shows page.

Next week, the show hosts and co hosts are going to have to try their best, because they have to impress the critics (judges).

We have some judges pitching in to listen to the shows LIVE. 3 people are chosen to be judges (or critics) for each show. When it's over, they decide whether the show was good enough that they'd want to listen to it again, and if it is, they vote yes. On the other hand, if they don't think it's worth listening to again, they vote no. A show must contain 2 or more yes's to pass. If it gets 2 or 3 no's, it is removed from GMIndie Radio permanently.

Good luck to all shows!

Looking to start a Game Maker radio show and need a station that already has listeners? Choose GMIndie Radio.

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