Game Maker Survey 2010 v3.3

GMINDIE AND GMVISION HAVE TEAMED UP TO PRODUCE a Game Maker survey which will produce a list of what Game Maker users do on average, as well as help with the development of the popular software, Game Maker, by YoYo Games, Ltd.

The survey is exactly 60 questions in length, and features questions like What was the first version of Game Maker you ever used?, What new feature(s) do you think Game Maker needs?, Do you think the mac port is good, or a waste of money?, etc.

Contributors: (Name / Amount of question contributed)
Brian Fetcher (49), Micah Stairs (4), The Hidden App (3), Cole Marlar (2), Joshua Pedroza (1), Mike Scott (1)

EDIT: All errors have been fixed. All feedback related to the survey is now INVALID. - August 30th 2010

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  1. Saw some comments on the Game Maker Community about the questions. Actually, no, some of the feature questions are finding out if you use them, to find out which of the features are the most used. There are reasons for each and every question, they are neither random, nor useless. Each question serves a purpose. Just leave that up to us. ;)

  2. Good survey, hope the feedback is usefull.

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