Preview: The Game Maker's Companion

GOOGLE BOOKSCheck out the book Here - Here you can check out a 52 page preview of the book. Which can help get you started using Game Maker.

    Hello everyone! I'm here to announce the sequal to the ever so popular book, The Game Makers Apprentice. That's right! There is now another book coming right after the old one.
    In this book you go through opening GM, and then straight on to creating a platform engine. Starting with legs. The platform engine that you make is a really good one, it has wall sliding, hills, and other great things.
    One major part of the game is recreating the old game Zool. If you are a Zool fan you may be excited to know that YOU can be creating your own Zool levels by the end of this book.

Be sure to check it out!

Also, I'm new here to the Gazette, so please, let me know in the comments on anything I can do better at,
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  1. It's a really good looking book!

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  3. Wow man your like everywhere. You have your own Radio Station, your own Game making Company, your own magazine series, your a part of DSE and CP and you post frequently on the GMC, and now your part of the gazette. You've covered just about everything.
    Thanks for being such a big contributor to the Game Maker world. Lots of people appreciate everything you do to help out.

  4. WOW!
    I didn't think people really realized that I was around so much! XD
    I really enjoy working with any Game Maker Media, and I am on loads of sites. Just for fun!

  5. Wow, I didn't know you were that popular. You remind me of me :P
    Only thing I don't do is the magazine thing, but I have tons to replace that with lol
    Congrats Nikc-Nack!
    -Bretboy129 ~ Bret Hudson

  6. I had purchased Game Maker's Apprentice and I found it extremely helpful in learning about game design, as well as how to use Game Maker. I recently purchase The Game Maker's Companion from Apress and I am currently working through it. I have finished the first game and am working on the next one "Zool". It is great to work with, not only from the standpoint of becoming more familiar with Game Maker, but I am learning a great deal of what goes into a professional platform game. As I learn more, I will keep you apprised.


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