Competition 06 Update: Round 1

YOYOGAMES GLOG — YoYoGames has finished up removing all the games that have either not met the requirements or have not been good enough to be put into "Round 1" of judging. The list can be found at Competition 06 - Round 1.

Kirsty (from the YoYoGames Glog) Says:
Round 1 will be the YoYo team dedicating a fun filled day to play all those that got through on playability, design, art and of course, the fun factor. This is estimated to be further reduced to around the top 40 games. We should have the final Round 1 games or so announced within a week or so.

Round 2 – the YoYo team will be concentrating on the standard of quality of each game and trim this down to the top 10-20 games worthy of winning.

Round 3 – we wanted to make this more interesting and mix it up a bit so looking to hook up some ‘celebrity guest judges’ outwith the YoYo office! No promises yet as we haven’t got any confirmations! But watch this space is all we’re saying

Congratulations to the winners and may the best game win!
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