YoYoGames AppStore Spam Attack

YOYOGAMES APPSTORE — A YoYoGames member Damaged has decided to spam the AppStore for GM4Mac. He has posted multiple sexual adverisements in the comments section of the download page for GM4Mac, and it seems nothing has been done. What some people don't notice is that its THE Damaged, a retired staff at the GMC. Now what happened, did he get really bored and start spamming or was his account hacked? Here are the pictures of the AppStore's comment section in case your too lazy to look or just don't feel like heading there.

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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  1. Looks like his account's been hacked, looks like a spam bot...

  2. YoYo Games are aware and are investigating.

  3. I found this COMPLETELY by accident, I clicked on a link to the glog and it redirected me here. And then I saw those, so I thought I'd bring them up and make something out of it.

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