Indie Burst Resurrected

INDIE BURST — Kris Little, the current owner of Indie Burst "resurrected" the site from the dead space of the internet. The site is a gaming site where they "feature the greatest indie games made by not-so-popular indie game developers". The games vary from Game Maker to C++, according to the site. Kris has updated the site, adding a new things to it. One new addition is the way you submit a game. You go to the Indie Burst Formspring and post a link of your game there. The team for the site has also changed, Vlad is no longer working with Kris and the "legendary" W!TS is also part of the team. The site will be getting a new layout soon, so stay tuned for another update. Hopefully this site stay up this time and possibly become a popular choice for playing indie games.

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