Please, no more PSP comps!

GAME MAKER COMMUNITY — Some Game Maker users have decided they don't want any more competitions revolving around the PSP theme. It's getting old, and users don't like the new limitations on the competitions. GMC user Recneps created a debatable topic on whether or not YoYoGames should hold another super strict PSP themed competition or go back to the old PC competitions. Some users have agreed with him that the PSP competitions are getting repetitive, while others like the new limitations and would like more because it helps "think outside the box". If you want to read more about this or contribute to it yourself, the full topic can be found here.

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  1. I hate them because while people claim they make you think outside the box, they actually cut down on your creativity. You can do WAY more without limits.

  2. I agree, KILL the PSP comps. They would be a little better IF they could actually let people try the games on PSP, but they aren't any fun since you have to wait so long!

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