Competition 06 Winners

YoYo Games Glog — Congratulations to the winners of the sixth YoYo Games competition! Judging went by faster (at least felt faster) than previous competitions. The reason it felt so quick was probably because of all the updates they put on the site. Well, after waiting for a month and a half, here are the winners!

THIRD PLACE:                       SECOND PLACE:                       FIRST PLACE:
             WARP by GraniteGear             BLACKOUT by Mark13673      THE HIVE by Vannie/titusthreex

YoYo Games Glog:
This has been a really great competition with some FANTASTIC games, so thanks to everyone who entered. We’ve been very impressed with the high quality of games and are still amazed at how much creativity has gone into them – it’s not gone unnoticed!

If you missed out this time, we’ll be announcing the details of the next YoYo competition in the very near future. Keep watching..

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