Bret's Weekly Top Games: 10-18-10

BRET HUDSON — Please note that these games are in no particular order!

As started back in March, found in this post, I started a weekly post about my top 3 GM Games of the week. It only lasted one week, but I am "casting revive" on it. Here we go!

From the original post:
Well, it's always nice to see new games on the front page, but you don't always know which one to pick. Sometimes some of the good GM games aren't even on the yoyogames site, so you don't always know about some of the best games. Well I'm always the same way, so I've decided to take some time and play some games, and give you THREE games of the week, which all have been made within the last 3 months!

Circle Rider (SpyDog)- An alien inventor one day creates a "Grand New Discovery", which he describes as a "Circle Rider Device". This device allows you to spin around on a cirlce, which can expand and shrink. A space monster comes along and you must track down the monster using the "Grand New Discovery", exploring maze like levels. Explore the easier levels to find much harder levels where the circle's center point moves around the room! A fun, creative game I thought would place in Competition 06, but again, YoYo Games disappoints.

Link: Circle Rider

Saut (Kapser)- Reading, reading, ah! Here! Controls: "X". What? One control!? Are you insane? Saut is an completely original game in which you only have one control, "X", which allows you to jump right. Now the game starts out easily, but you must jump using small and big jumps, depending how long you hold it, slide down hills to gain speed, and avoid obstacles in later levels. Overall, this is a fun addicting game that starts out okay, then fun, then even more fun, and more fun, and then becomes an irritating, difficult game. If you like fun games, this game is a possible game for you, if you like challenge, be prepared - it gets hard.

Link: SAUT

Ninjammin' Beat Jitsu (LiamBarden)- This is a "Genre Bending" game that consists of Rhythm, Action, and Platforming elements. Play as "808" and go on a quest given to him by his Great-Great-Grandfather from the past. Given ninja like powers from an ancient device, which looks quite a bit like a flash drive, he must venture though each level with style to match the kick-@$$ tunes in the game. When your feeling bored, or in need of some really upbeat music, or want to see some pretty colors, Ninjammin' Beat Jitsu is ready to be played.

Link: Ninjammin' Beat Jitsu
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  1. "give you THREE games of the week, which all have been made within the last 3 months!"
    Only one of the games you list was released within the last 3 months.

  2. Whoops! Sorry! I just grabbed some good games, I didn't notice I was suppose to get them from the last 3 months! >_< Don't even know my own rules... :P
    -Bretboy129 ~ Bret Hudson

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