Skydiver Mach II - iOS Release

YOYO GAMES GLOG — Today has been a big breakthrough for YoYo Games, they released the first ever official Game Maker game for the Apple iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch Market. How exciting! The loading screen is at the top of this post, and has the YoYo Games logo around the loading screen. We've believe that it's just on the loading screen, so don't worry. If you want to purchase the game for you Apple product, follow this url: Skydiver - Apple App Store

Also, YoYo Games announced another "mini" competition, which, for the first time, does not involve making games. Here is more info on the topic:

YoYo Games Glog:

We have a mini competition running in conjunction with Skydiver as you are our avid users and players. We know how passionate you are about games and really appreciate your active feedback on YY games. We are offering a prize of the latest 32GB iPod Touch and $50 worth of iTunes vouchers for the best review left on iTunes. Not bad eh?

We are looking for an inspired write up of Skydiver; one that shows a witty, captivating description with a constructive and positive vibe that puts a glow in our little hearts. You need to buy the game first to be able to write a review (only $0.99). The higher the score, the better You need to use your YoYo username so we can identify you. We’ll give you to the end of this week and let you know by Monday, so you’ll need to get your skates on!

...YoYo depend on your continuing community support. Our aim is to publish the best of YOUR games on iPad, iPhone, Android, PSP, PC and Mac. Your input is so incredibly valuable to us that in return for your on-going loyalty to promoting Game Store, we promise funds will go toward improvements on Game Maker, the website and the forums. So please help to spread the word!
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