Nikc-Nack Games Competition 02 Winners

    Nikc-Nack Games Competition 02 Winners — It's over! The second competition by Nikc-Nack Games has ended. Sadly with less entries then the first.
I hope everyone has enjoyed the competition!
Here are the final results:
After many hours(about 20 minutes) of work the judges have determiend a winner!

Here they are!

Coming in in third place is...

Climb Upwards by Phaze

Coming in second place is...

Tower of Babel by CubinJ

And finally

the moment you've all been waiting for

the great

the intence

the bone crushing

mind boggling

the dirty

the smelly

the winner


Climber by MakerManCan

I'd like to thank everyone who participated in the competition greatly, and stay tuned for Nikc-Nack Games Competition 03!
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