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YOYO GAME STORE — The "YoYo App Store" is now known as the "YoYo Game Store", possibly due to copyright (App Store is a trademark of Apple). Also, please note the new site is the "YoYo Game Store" and not the "YoYo Games Store"! Also, the address has also been changed from Appstore.YoYoGames.com to Store.YoYoGames.com.

The GameMaker Blog did a little research on the submit button on the website:

According to the post, you can actually access the submit section of the website right now. I wouldn't recommend doing so, but the test showed some nice things.

GameMaker Blog says:
After supplying your game name, description, details of the controls used and assigning your creation to a category you can upload an editable (Game Maker 6+) version of your game, an executable file or zipped folder. All uploaded games must be approved by YoYo Games before they appear in the store.

No pricing/revenue information is available, other than a suggestion that payments will be made through PayPal.

Documentation and terms and conditions are not yet present so it is unclear as to whether this process is for the submission of PC games only or for those that are to be/have been modified to appear on iOS.

Let's hope more info comes soon on this interesting topic!
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