iOS Update and new iPad Video

YOYO GAMES GLOG — YoYo Games has really been going hard core on this project, hopefully they will keep it updated better than they have with their PSP Runner. Anyway, earlier today YYG released a new video of mMm (madnessMADNESSmadness by NAL), running on the iPad.

Mike Dailly -
Speaking of getting games… we have now started to contact a (very) few authors to try and get our publishing pipeline working smoothly, so if you’re lucky enough to be contacted by our shiny new Executive Producer Stuart, don’t worry! It’s not a scam! ... There were also several questions about runner performance and what we’re planning on doing about it, you can read a somewhat extended post on my blog site ... I will be doing another one about the current state of the runner and what the move from Delphi gives us in the near future.
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