Jesse Venbrux (2DCube) Working at YYG

JESSE VENBRUX | BLOG — The legendary Game Maker user Jesse Venbrux (better known as 2Dcube), creator of the Karoshi series and the Competition 05 winner, They Need To Be Fed, has been contacted by YoYo Games to work for them. According to his blog, he will be working with them for a few weeks to make some games for the new PSP and iPhone runners.

Jesse Says:
YoYoGames is currently working on porting the Game Maker runner to other platforms such as PSP and iPhone (iOS), with the goal to become a publisher for Game Maker made games. I will be starting next week and get the opportunity to test new concepts straight onto these platforms. I’ve always wanted to test ideas for different kinds of input methods.

How exciting! It's his first trip to the U.K., so wish him luck!

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