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YOYO GAMES GLOG — Since YoYo Games has been working on porting the GM Runner to PSP and Apple products, such as the iPad and iPod Touch, they thought it would be a good time to announce how to get your games ported to these devices! On the YoYo Games glog, and the YoYo Games Wiki, YYG posted all about how to publish your game through the "YoYo Game Store".

The wiki article first talks about how to publish your game. They have a few rules, which can either be found here or summarized in this post! The first thing you do is upload your game to the Store. In order to do this, you must accept the Terms and Conditions (coming later this week). They do ask for you only to upload really good things, because they will only be accepting excellent games.

YoYo Games Wiki:
We want to get a reputation for publishing GREAT content. That means it is our plan to sell ONLY THE VERY THE BEST GAMES. ...We will review your game and if it’s not good enough we’ll do our best to tell you why it is not suitable.

We expect to be very busy doing this, so you’ll need to take our response as a final decision. We are heavily into publishing a list of games already so you will appreciate we are too busy to debate decisions.

You can re-submit your game if it’s previously been refused, but remember that we’re prepared to spend time and money making them GREAT. If your game gets rejected once, and you do not make changes we advised, it will not be accepted.

Between now and Christmas/the end of December, YoYo Games plans on publishing one game a week! Also, if you guys are worried about copyright, YoYo Games says that they will never own your game!

The new platforms do not yet need special versions of Game Maker. YYG will modify your games to work on the devices, and they can also add new features into your game such as high score tables for the iPod and/or Playstation Network services.

YoYoGames will be spliting your profit with you 50/50. Now, your probably saying to yourself "Nuh uh. No way. This is bogus!". Actually, YoYo Games will probably only get 25% of your profits. The other quarter goes to Apple, Sony, or Google (if they get Game Maker working on the Android). It could take them 90 days (approximately 3 months, if you don't like to count) to get your profit to you via paypal. Now, this might be irritating, but patience pays off!

That's it for now, YYG said there will be more news coming up soon, so after reading that long fun post, I hope you learned a lot!
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