Skydiver Mini Comp Results

YOYO GAMES GLOG— I'm sure you all remember YoYo Games announcing thier lovely mini comp for skydiver. Asking users to come up with a short little review for it.

Well, the results are in! And some of these were just a good laugh! You can check out the blog article for yourself by going to theblog post!

From the YoYo Games Glog:
Game Maker Gazette Favorites:
Vergere submitted’ ‘From birds to helicopters, to explosions and lost limbs, there is hardly a dull moment to this unexpected gem’.
Ruzzle astounded us with thier Skydiver Mech Two Poem ‘with smooth movements and a quick steal, the parachute is mine: it’s so unreal'

The Winner:
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So CONGRADULATIONS to all the entries in the mini comp!

Also if you haven't already tried out skydiver for your apple product then download it now!
Download from the appstore NOW!

YoYo Games says that an update is due very soon, "featuring shiny new stuff and fixing any outstanding issues with iOS", as Kristy announced on the glog.

Thank you, Nikc-Nack
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