39dll for Mac: 39dylib

GAME MAKER COMMUNITY — 39dll, a dll for Game Maker (Windows) has been ported to the Mac platform of Game Maker. Now, Mac users has access to many online functions in their games. The port has been named 39dylib, and was ported by ugriffin.

ugriffin says:
39dylib is a port of 39dll to UNIX platforms. 39dylib breaks many of Game Maker for Mac's barriers, giving you access to the internet. 39dylib can be used for virtually anything that uses the Internet, but here's a few examples:

  • Online Games
  • Interacting with PHP servers and anything that had to do with the web
  • Online HighScore Systems
  • Some achievement API’s (for example, Game Jolt’s)
  • Most (if not all) of Game Maker’s MMO games use 39dll.

  • TCP networking
  • UDP networking
  • Full access to OS X's BSD Sockets system
  • Fast and powerful networking
  • Being a port of 39dll, it is fully compatible with 39dll (both networking and code)

As of December 11th 2010, 39dylib is a Beta application. Since this is a port from a Windows .dll, some functions such as File I/O may not work, or like dygetmacaddress(). This list is not properly documented. It is highly recommended that you test your game thoroughly before releasing anything with 39dylib Beta, since unexpected behavior may pop up here and there!

Well, there you have it! Have fun with the new beta of 39dylib and make sure to report any bugs or comments here!

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