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YOYO GAMES STORE — December 15 marked Teka Teki by the famous (in GM world) Rhys Andrews being released to the iOS platform.

Teka Teki is a fun, tetris like game that involves many new, creative elements. You have to match food tiles and animal tiles, and there's a lot going on in the game. This game was a runner-up in the YYG Competition 4, and has had a few modifications for the new iOS version. Also, it has a lite version!

YoYo Games Glog:
YoYo Game Store have made a Lite version for all to enjoy, yep, that means absolutely FREE!!!

* Play the first 3 levels of this incredibly addictive game
* Beware of “special tiles” that are unlocked as you play. Some help you. Others won’t.
* Integration with the game center: global highscores. Compete with your friends! The full version has over 15 levels of increasingly difficult and freaking addictive gameplay!

Enjoy another iOS game created with Game Maker!
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