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YOYO GAMES GLOG — Out of the blue, on December 17th, YoYo Games submitted a blog post on the YYG Glog about the Game Maker Android runner! So far, they have GM Solitaire and Teka Teki. What an exciting surprise right before Christmas! Now, to show us they're not all talk, they included a video to the post. The video can be seen below (in case your blind).

Mike Dailly -
Speaking of getting games… we have now started to contact a (very) few authors to try and get our publishing pipeline working smoothly, so if you’re lucky enough to be contacted by our shiny new Executive Producer Stuart, don’t worry! It’s not a scam! ... There were also several questions about runner performance and what we’re planning on doing about it, you can read a somewhat extended post on my blog site ... I will be doing another one about the current state of the runner and what the move from Delphi gives us in the near future.
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