Death of the GMCG and GMCG 2.0

GAME MAKER COMMUNITY — The Game Maker Community Game, aka GMCG, has been having a long period of inactivity due to the creators of the project being too ambitious. The project was quite a bit for the GMC to do, considering they were making a massive action RPG that depended on the players actions in order to create the story. Even for some big video game companies, that's quite a bit to do. For a community of game makers new and old, experts and beginners, it is a very unlikely task, unless the team is super dedicated. The team was dedicated for a while, but soon lost interested in the project and no work was getting done.

Now, the GMCG "1.0" has been sent to the grave. They are starting up a new project called the GMCG 2.0, which will be a completely new game. More information can be found both in the quote below and in the article, which is located here.

Meta Black Yoshi says
Recently, the GMCG team has started a new project, GMCG 2.0.
This is a simple amusement-park themed mini-game collection type game in which the player controls a character through a theme park that is split up into a number of different themed areas...This is an invite to all GMC members to come join GMCG 2.0. We are looking for more members who are interested in helping with mini-games, mini-game ideas, art and other things. If you are interested in helping out with the project and want more information, or if you have any questions, just visit The GMCG FAQ and Introduction topic, or post a reply to this topic.

GMCG 1.0 or EVE, was set to be a story based, player choice driven, action rpg that took place between two massive parallel worlds, and that in the end turned out to be too ambitious of a project. Over ambition I think was the main issue with GMCG 1.0 though I personally think there were also a few other problems with the way things were being run.

So after a period of no progress and some discussion, we decided to drop that project and make plans for something more manageable. I figure that there should be some way to distinguish the two projects, not only to let people know that the GMCG had moved on from Eve, but also to try and disassociate the new project from any negative views members might have had formed from the first project. Plus, because of the game type we're going with, it really is a different type of project from what the Eve project was. Hence, GMCG 2.0.

Grimmjow and Opacas left the team some time ago before 2.0 had gotten started, leaving Dannyboy and myself to run things.
Everything from the first project still currently exists and is being stored in a hidden forum. At some point in the future, I plan to go through and gather together all the resources to have them stored on an external site. (audio resources have already been gathered together) This is basically what has become of the first project.

More information can be read in the original post.
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