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GMVISION AND GAME POLISHER — Earlier today, I attended a meeting between the popular GMVision team and the dead Game Polisher team. Caniac, aka Joshua, and hd4life represented GMVision and Game Polisher respectively. They have decided to revive both their teams from the dead space of the internet.

GMVision has agreed to give rights of the Gazette to Game Polisher. This blog is now owned by both teams, and I, Bret Hudson ~ Bretboy129, have joined the Game Polisher team. Game Polisher wanted to come back after disappearing from the world, and this time the team has chosen to not go alone. Game Polisher offered help to GMVision in their attempt to come back as well, so, both teams will be supportive of each other and will continue to grow until they reach their previous status, and possibly an even greater one.

Game Polisher has also decided to continue the legacy left behind by GMIndie. GMIndie had many, MANY projects going on, and when GMIndie shut down, these projects were halted and ultimately forgotten. Game Polisher wants to cast revive on these projects, and get them on the road again.

Game Polisher CEO hd4life said
"After all this rambling, what I'm trying to say is Game Polisher is going to follow in GMIndie's footsteps ... We're pretty much gonna put on the GMIndie shoes, grab the glasses, and get rolling."

GMVision CEO Caniac said
"I just want to make videos at the end of the day, and about games is a perfectly fine topic .. And now that I have the equipment and software to do it there is nothing stopping me so I should get started"

Is this just a small piece of news? Or a start to a new beginning for the GMIndie projects, GMVision, Game Polisher, and possibly something bigger? We'll just have to wait and see. For now, is still offline, but Game Polisher has moved to a new host and their new (temporary) url is
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  1. I never knew the Gazette was owned by GMVision....
    Hmmmm.... I wish that I would be notified about these things, BEFORE they happen...

  2. Not sure which you are talking about.

    GMVision has owned the Gazette for quite a while now, read the fine print at the bottom of the page. If you meant this (in the second line of your comment), it happened a LONG time ago, in a formal announcement.

    If your talking about being notified about what was in this article, it happened while you were offline. It was a quick decision, GMVision and Game Polisher seem to get along very well and quickly.

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