GreenTechPLUS+ out on PSP

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YoYo Games — The YoYo Games Competition 04 winner has finally got his game out on the PSP. A outstanding landmark for YoYo Games as a company! Last year YoYo Games were discussing and developing a runner for the PSP, but mysteriously stopped talking about it and got into developing for the iOS and Android. Many rumors spread about that they gave up because it was "too hard" and that they couldn't do it. Obviously this was not true!
GreenTechPlus+ can be bought from the the YoYo Games Store for $2.99. This is about a dollar less than buying the game for PC, which you can find on the VERTIGO Games Store for $3.95. The PSP game contains 6 tiers of difficulty to challenge your reflexes. 30 different levels so that you will be playing for hours, and 40 NEW screens!

So get it!
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