Simply Solitaire on Android

YOYO GAMES — Just a few hours ago YoYo Games released their first android app! Simply Solitaire is now available on the android market for download. It is free, just like the version for the iOS.
I am very happy to see that YoYo Games is now developing runners for items that aren't overpriced. My excitement comes from the fact that my dad owns an android phone and I intend to download it tonight. Whenever I have a good change to play it I will write a good review and post it up here on the Gazette.

The game appears to be the exact same as the iOS version. Which was released back in December. I am anxious to see what other devices they will get the game ported on. This definitely looks like the highest quality solitaire I've seen in the android marketplace!

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  1. Few hours ago? Few days ago.... (Yesterday to be exact. :P)

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