The Elements: Part[1] = Gameplay;


The Elements. When I say that I’m sure most of your minds go to Fire, Water, Dirt, Wind, and then into a large thought process about the fifth element and all your theories you’ve been devising over the many years of your life. Of course, this wouldn’t be the best spot to debate this. What I’m talking about are the essential elements of games. Just for fun, I picked out five key features I look at when I’m playing a game. Throughout the articles I’ll attempt to give some in depth detail on each feature. After all 5 of the articles are released you must decide which you think deserves to be the fifth element.

What is Gameplay?
            I’ve seen too many people give these insane definitions for what Gameplay is, when it’s very simple. Just look at the word… look closer… closer… THERE! Understand? Just in case you didn’t I’ll explain. The Gameplay of the game is of course, WHAT YOU PLAY! The Gameplay can include everything that is coded. Examples of Gameplay are: Physics Engine (that you use), chatting, and so much. Here are some examples of things that aren’t the Gameplay: Graphics (what you actually see), Sounds (what you hear), and HUD/GUIs. Hopefully that gives you a decent description of the Gameplay actually is. If that doesn’t satisfy you then find a chatbox,  go in and ask. Have fun!
Note: Just pretend they’re laughing with you, even though they’re laughing at you.

Why is Gameplay important?
            Why is it not? Obviously without the Gameplay there wouldn’t be anything except still images and some really annoying music that plays 50,000 through before you could possibly beat the game (oh wait you get that anyways). The Gameplay is everything, it’s what you do, and it’s what makes fun.

            I know this was a short one, but it’s hard to write a long article about something that controls everything and there wouldn’t be anything without. So Gameplay is super important and if it’s done wrong the entire game is messed up. It’s good, but is it good enough to be…

*dramatic music plays*



Part 2 Coming Soon...
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