The Elements: Part[2] = Sound;


Part[2] =  Sound;

What is Sound?
            Just like last time this section is slightly silly, but I wanted to get into some detail on everything. Obviously sound is what you hear. In most games there are two types of sounds, one being sound effects and the other being music. Music generally refers to what plays in the background of the scene and doesn’t really have an effect on a gameplay. In my personal opinion a good indie game should have 3 or more songs, arcade games are an exception, but the more the merrier! Sound effects are mostly things that play when something happens, for instance, you fire a gun, and the shooting sound effect is played. Your player jumps off of a spring, a BOING is heard. So fast review, sound is when an action happens, music is in background.

Purpose of Music
            Most of the time music is added to “Make the scene” or fill up what could otherwise be a boring part of the game. Games often change music into faced passed whenever in a combat scene or a chase scene. Music mostly just fills up dead air in a game when no sound effects are being played.
            Music is often changed on dramatic scenes and on dangerous spots. Just like in movies the scene can be completely ruined by the wrong music or it coming in at the wrong time. Be careful when using your music, MAKE SURE IT’S PERFECT!

Purpose of Sound Effects
            Sound effects are there to add a lot of fullness to the game as well. It wouldn’t be very fun if you had a laser gun, but you couldn’t hear it shooting through the air. Or you couldn’t hear it hit a wall, bounce off, hit the bad guy, evaporate him, and his screams of death and suffering as his life came to a cruel pathetic end. Without sound effects you wouldn’t here the sound of the monkey falling to his death, the sky burning, or the small two year old being shredded by the giant food processor.

            Sound definitely is a extreme element in a game, and can be used to you’re your game extremely better or it could send your game to the dumps! But is Sound worth of being the Fifth Element!

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Part 3 Coming soon...
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  1. "Music generally refers to what plays in the background of the scene and doesn’t really have an effect on a game."

    Doesn't have an effect on the game? Music sets the mood, and some games wouldn't have made me cry if it weren't for the music playing in the background. The music helps you feel excitement, fear, sorrow, and tons of other emotions. Music is, in my opinion, the third most important factor in a game, right behind gameplay and story.

  2. Plus, if it didn't have an effect on the game, why would people put it in the game? Might wanna think about what you're saying next time. ;)

  3. When I said that I meant Gameplay...

  4. Oh, I see. It kind of does, because fast music can make you want to press buttons faster and calm music can relax you and make your reaction rate slower. ;)

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