indie(Radio); Broadcast #4


INDIE(FUNCTION); — The fourth broadcast of indie(Radio); was released yesterday. No interview or game reviews this week, but an interesting game design section and debate.

Broadcast Date: Saturday, July 2nd, 2011
Broadcast Time: Noon US Central Time
Length: 27:06 (Min:Sec)

Listen here:

Download here: - indie(Radio); Broadcast #4 [24.8 MB]

Topics include:
Indie Game Development News
New Construct/Scirra Website and Blog
Book: 250 Indie Games You Must Play
Lots of Unity Updates
Minecraft Beta v1.7 Update
Minecraft Reachs 10-Million Users
GMDigest Returns

Game Design
Story Struction

Should Game Portals Have a Separate Sections For First Games?
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